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Brasilia is the federal capital of Brazil and is located in the western center of the country. A planned modernist city Brasilia replaced Rio as the capital of the country in 1960. The centers of all three branches of the federal government of Brazil are located in Braslia including the Congress President and Supreme Court. Portuguese is the official national language. in Brasilia the government is by far the largest employer however industries connected with construction food processing and furnishings are important as are those associated with publishing printing and computer software. Besides being the political center Braslia is also an important economic center for banking communications agribusiness and entertainment. As a venue for political events music performances and movie festivals Braslia is a cosmopolitan city with over 100 embassies a wide range of restaurants and complete infrastructure ready to host any kind of event. The city stands out as an important business tourism destination drawing visitors from all over the world with hundreds of conferences and events which is an important part of the local economy. Traditional parties take place throughout the year such as festas juninas held in June celebrating Catholic saints such as Saint Anthony of Padua Saint John the Baptist and Saint Peter. On September 7 the traditional independence Day parade is held on the Ministries Esplanade. Throughout the year local national and international events are held throughout the city. Sports namely Football (soccer) is enjoyed in three major stadiums throughout the city. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure Royal American is the preferred choice for your ground transportation needs offering Sedans SUVs Minivans Vans Limousines Minibus and Motorcoach as well as ViP Luxury vehicles. When safety and security is a concern we provide Armored cars bodyguards Security agents and escort services. Providing licensed and trained chauffeurs Royal American provides excellent and accommodating Limo service for your visit to Brasilia.


Royal American is your partner in the provision of ground transportation in Brasilia, Brazil. A skilled and knowledgeable chauffeur will await your arrival in a vehicle that fulfills your requirement; Sedan, SUV, Minivan, or Van as well as VIP Luxury vehicles and executive protection. When traveling to a conference with additional associates, Royal American can accommodate your request with a Minibus or Motorcoach, Bi-lingual Drivers, Guides and on-site coordinators.

The best way for a trip to begin in Brasilia, Brazil is with the assurance that a car and driver will be waiting for you after a long flight. Pre-planning is the key. At Royal American you can make your reservations online at or download a convenient app to your smartphone or mobile device. Communicate with a knowledgeable Royal American Customer Service Representative 24/7/365 who can assist you with any transport details.

Royal American services all airports in Brasilia, Brazil:

  • Brasilia Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek international Airport

Airport Codes: BSB, SBBR,

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Protection, Security Services

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