Secure Transportation, Comfort, and Peace Of Mind

Our commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do, and our primary focus is on delivering unparalleled levels of service to our valued customers.

Established in 2008 as Royal American Limousines, our company prospered in providing chauffeured ground transportation.
Through strategic planning and international growth, our capabilities have expanded over 15 years to include VIP Services, Emergency Ground and Air Response and a wide range of Security Services.

Rebranded as the Royal American Group in 2022, our company is poised for growth over the next decade and dedicated to accommodating the needs of our clients in an ever-changing world. Whether you require assistance, tailored advice or personalized consulting in the areas of security, emergencies, transportation or VIP services, our team is committed to excellence and focused on delivering the very best in service.



We aspire to be the leading force behind South America’s security and transportation industry, setting the gold standard for global connectivity. Royal American Group envisions a future where every journey is protected, and every destination is within reach, backed by our expertise and dedication.



Royal American Group’s mission is to provide top-tier security and transportation solutions that ensure your safety wherever you go. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and world-class network of vetted partners across continents make us your trusted choice for secure, seamless travel



We are committed to integrity and conduct our business with honesty and transparency to build trust in everything we do. Safety is paramount, making your well-being our top priority, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure it. We strive for excellence in every facet of our service.

Looking for Safety, Reliability, Convenience, and Peace of Mind?

At Royal American, we place great emphasis on internal knowledge transfer. This means that all of our customer consultants possess the same high level of expertise and are capable of delivering exceptional service across the board. We believe in the importance of consistency and reliability in every interaction, and our commitment to internal knowledge transfer ensures that you receive consistent, top-quality assistance from any member of our team.

We understand that trust and mutual understanding are vital for sustained success. By building enduring connections with our clients, we can gain a deep understanding of their unique requirements, enabling us to deliver personalized solutions that truly meet their needs. Our focus is on fostering collaborative, long-term partnerships that drive mutual growth and success.

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How to reach Royal American Group

How We Work

Comprehensive Security, Global Expertise

Personalized Experience

Personal and dedicated consulting in any area of security, emergency response, ground transportation and VIP services

Expert Guidance

Able to provide our customers with intensive, knowledgeable and individualized advice

Safety First

Minimizing any risk for travelers by personal 24h & IT-based monitoring of every single trip


Internal knowledge transfer – all customer consultants are able to provide same level of service


We are looking for long-term partnerships and not just business relationships

Centric Approach

We are fully committed to providing our clients the best services and seamless solutions

Our Network

How we create our Worldwide Partner & Supplier Network

Building Relationships

tThe main approach forming our network is the personal contact to each supplier and partner.

Global Networking

Attending business shows in the US and worldwide, gives us the opportunity to feel the pulse of the industry and to strengthen partnerships. Doing that for already more than 15 years our network.

Affiliate Collaboration

Our affiliate partners are carefully vetted and act as an integral part of our company in providing for our client's needs.

Technology vs. Relationships

IT-based connectivity and automated communication are just essential tools for us, but they will never substitute personal long-term and sustainable business relationships.

Putting People First

We put humans first. Any business relationship we are about to establish is based on facts regarding quality and reliability – BUT Human-to-human interaction is the only way to discover how our customers & partners think and how they are likely to behave.

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