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Protection, Security Services

Protection, Security Services

Personal Protection Services for Personnel, Team Crew, and VIPs.

 Executive Transportation

Executive Transportation

Executive Ground Transportation Services.

Non- Emergency Medical Transportation

Non- Emergency Medical Transportation

Security/Medical Evacuations (Air & Ground transportation).

Events and Roadshows

Events and Roadshows

Our knowledge, & experience in managing events & roadshows.

Security is a paramount concern that knows no boundaries. The world has become a complex mosaic of political, economic, and social variables. Staying ahead of potential threats is a challenge faced by businesses, travel agencies, and decision-makers worldwide.

Adapting to any dynamic environment is essential. It calls for vigilance, proactive risk mitigation strategies, and the establishment of open channels for identifying and assessing potential threats to personnel and assets.

At The Royal American Group, we recognize that security is not just a matter of compliance; it is our foundational commitment. We understand that in today’s world, travel demands a heightened level of safety and preparedness. Whether you’re embarking on a routine business trip, a high-profile corporate event, or an exotic adventure, we stand ready to meet even the most intricate and exacting security requirements.

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Protection, Security – Anytime, Anywhere

Royal American provides both corporate with an integrated suite of security, medical, and non-emergency response solutions.

Secure Transportation

Secure Transportation

Ensuring the utmost safety during every journey.
Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Guarding your assets with unwavering vigilanc
Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Fortifying your digital wealth
Customized Security

Customized Security

Natural Disaster & Custom Security Solutions
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Euro 2024: Enhance Your Final Experience with Royal American!

10th July 2024

EURO 2024, hosted by Germany from June 14 to July 14 is the 17th UEFA European Championship. After 49 matches, today will determine if the Netherlands or England will face Spain in the final showdown. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the UEFA Euro 2024 final. EURO 2024: When and where is the …

G20 Meetings Logistics: Royal American Seamless Services

25th June 2024

In 2024, Brazil has assumed the presidency of the G20 and will host in-person and virtual working meetings and task forces at technical and ministerial levels. The Brazilian government emphasizes priority issues such as combating hunger, poverty, and inequality, focusing on sustainable development (economic, social, and environmental dimensions) and global governance reform. The G20 Summit, …

Exposec 2024: Unveiling the Future of Security and Strategic Partnerships

10th June 2024

In its significant 25th edition, Exposec 2024 took center stage in São Paulo, Brazil, from June 4th to 6th, and Royal American left its mark at this esteemed Latin American event! Organized by Fiera Milano Brasil in partnership with Abese (Brazilian Association of Electronic Security Systems Companies), Exposec | The International Security Fair is Brazil’s …

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