Mitigation Services

Access Control Systems Management

At Royal American Group, our Access Control Systems Management service is a cornerstone of our comprehensive mitigation services and ensures robust security by regulating access to physical spaces, digital resources, and sensitive information within an organization. Employing cutting-edge technologies such as biometrics, smart cards, and key fobs, we ensure that only authorized personnel can enter designated areas or access sensitive data. This system offers effortless administration, and real-time monitoring, and maintains a secure environment, protecting against potential threats.

Key Features and Benefits:

Customizable Access Levels: We provide the flexibility to tailor access levels to meet your specific security requirements.

Remote Management: With remote access capabilities, you can control and monitor your security system from anywhere, ensuring continuous protection.

Cost-Efficiency: Eliminate the need to issue keys to all employees or rekey the facility when keys are lost, making it a cost-effective solution.

Time-Sensitive Access: You can grant entry only during authorized time windows, enhancing security during non-business hours.

Credential Verification:

Access Control Systems utilize a means of verification, known as a credential, to grant or deny access. These credentials can include personal identification numbers, cards, tokens, fingerprints, or iris recognition. Verification is done through swiping, presenting, or scanning, and access is granted after verification.

Scalable and Versatile:

Our Access Control Systems cover a broad spectrum, from single-door keypads to comprehensive systems managing thousands of doors and alarms worldwide. They can be integrated into your existing network, ensuring seamless operation.

Enhanced Security with Biometrics:

For the highest level of security, we employ biometric authentication, using unique physical attributes for identity verification. This advanced technology can be used in conjunction with card readers for an added layer of protection.

Distributed Processing for Efficiency:

Medium to large systems benefit from distributed processors or field controllers placed between the main computer and the card reader. This streamlines processing, allowing the system to operate faster, even if the connection to the main computer is interrupted.



Looking for Safety, Reliability, Convenience, and Peace of Mind?

Redundant Servers for Reliability:

In large systems, we ensure reliability through redundant mirrored servers. These servers are always ready to take over in the event of a primary server failure.

Comprehensive Monitoring:

Our Access Control Systems can also monitor alarms, including door alarms, duress buttons, and environmental conditions. The intuitive graphical interface presents all system activity on a single screen, and automatic actions can be programmed for specific events.

At Royal American Group, we offer advanced Access Control Systems Management solutions to safeguard your organization. Contact us to explore how our services can enhance your security and provide peace of mind.