Mitigation Services

Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance

At Royal American Group, we offer specialized Route and Venue Reconnaissance and Clearance services as an integral part of our comprehensive security solutions. Our approach involves a meticulous assessment of travel routes and event venues to identify potential security risks and establish robust measures to ensure a safe environment. This comprehensive service encompasses threat identification, emergency planning, access control, and risk mitigation, all designed to safeguard participants and assets.

 Key Aspects of Route Reconnaissance:

Route reconnaissance is a critical component of this service. It is conducted to gather detailed information about specific travel routes and the adjacent terrain. This includes assessing trafficability, identifying potential enemy activities or forces, and pinpointing suitable locations for the placement of obstacles.

 Thorough Planning and Execution:

Our experienced teams conduct route reconnaissance with precision and a focus on safety. We assess routes from both friendly and enemy perspectives, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential security threats. While infantry platoons and squads are proficient in hasty route reconnaissance or area reconnaissance of selected route areas, we provide technical expertise to augment their capabilities.

Route Reconnaissance Using Fans:

In some cases, our teams may be tasked with surveying a route in a planned infiltration lane. The patrol leader conducts thorough map reconnaissance and plans a series of fans along the route to examine intersecting routes. This approach helps identify conditions that could affect friendly movement, including enemy presence, terrain features, bypasses, fords, obstacles, choke points, and route and bridge conditions.



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Enhancing Security:

For situations where the proposed route involves roads, our leaders treat these areas as potential danger zones. The patrol moves parallel to the road, using covered and concealed routes. When necessary, reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) teams approach the road to assess critical areas. We also plan alternative routes for the patrol’s return journey, ensuring the highest level of security.

At Royal American Group, we understand the importance of meticulous route and venue reconnaissance for ensuring the safety and security of your events and operations. Contact us to learn how our specialized services can provide the peace of mind you need in today’s dynamic security landscape.