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  • 17th January 2024

Current challenges due to the uncertain situation in Ecuador

At Royal American Group, we understand the importance of safety and security, especially in uncertain times like these. We wanted to bring to your attention the recent developments in Ecuador and how our services can provide you with peace of mind during your stay.

The situation in Ecuador:

Ecuador has recently faced a wave of violence following the escape of a powerful gang leader from prison. This has led to a series of attacks, explosions, and incidents, raising safety concerns, particularly in areas like Quito and Guayaquil. Ecuador is at the beginning of a spiral of violence and, more recently, terror, which stems from conflicts between rival drug gangs. Part of the problem is that although organized crime is directed at the state, it involves the population. They send their messages of terror to the citizens. The situation is unlikely to calm down too quickly. The night-time curfew will therefore remain in place for a few more weeks.

Due to the current uncertain situation in the Latin American country, many public services such as public transport can only be used to a limited extent. As a result, general road and supply traffic is coming to a standstill. Even air traffic is still restricted. Government decrees to combat so-called state terror and police and military operations are causing great uncertainty among the population. The circumstances are already having a far-reaching impact on daily life and the state of emergency (still in force until mid-March) is already causing the country great economic damage. The international community, including the US government, is considering supporting the government with interventions to stabilize the country.

People who cannot postpone a trip to the country on the equator for unavoidable business or private reasons should organize their stay carefully and, in particular, analyze travel movements by land in advance for detours.

We would be able to assist you or your clients with your travel plans.


Our Capabilities:

Royal American Group specializes in ensuring your safety and security in challenging environments. Our services include:

Armored Vehicles: Our fleet of armored vehicles is designed to transport you safely through dangerous areas, offering maximum protection.

Highly Trained Agents: Our experienced agents are available around the clock, offering fast response and expert guidance to navigate any situation.

Availability: We prioritize your safety with 24/7 availability, ensuring you have immediate access to our services when you need them the most.


For more information or to book our services in Quito, Guayaquil, or any other location in Ecuador, please contact us at Our team is ready to assist you with your travel security needs. Your safety is our priority, and we are committed to delivering fast, secure, and reliable solutions to ensure your peace of mind.