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  • 22nd February 2024

Seamless G20 Experience in Brazil

The G20 Summit, a cornerstone event for global economic dialogue, has launched its series of meetings across Brazil, spotlighting the urgent need for international cooperation and economic strategy. With the Brazilian government announcing Brasília and Rio de Janeiro as the main hosts among other cities, the Royal American Group stands out as a crucial enabler for participants, offering unparalleled transportation, security, and management services around the clock.

A Convergence of Global Economies


As the world’s major economies gather, the G20 Summit’s objectives extend beyond mere discussions; it’s a concerted effort to forge actionable paths toward sustainable development and economic resilience. With over 120 events planned, including 93 technical meetings, 26 videoconferences, and 23 ministerial meetings, the Summit is a testament to Brazil’s pivotal role on the international stage.

The final event of the G20 Summit will be held on the 18th and 19th of November, marking the Leaders’ Summit of heads of state and government. This capstone event will convene at Rio de Janeiro’s esteemed “Museu de Arte Moderna” (MAM), providing a prestigious backdrop for the world’s most influential decision-makers to conclude their year-long deliberations. The Leaders’ Summit is poised to encapsulate the collaborative efforts of the member nations, showcasing commitments and setting the global economic agenda for the forthcoming year.


Strategic Locations and Royal American Expertise


Our services span the vibrant locales of Latin America, with a significant focus on the bustling cities of Brasília and Rio. These cities are not just political and cultural hubs but also the epicenter of the G20’s critical discussions this year. Royal American Group’s local knowledge and extensive network ensure that every delegate’s need for 24/7 transportation and security is met with the highest standards of excellence.

Count on the Royal American Group for all transportation and security needs throughout the months leading to the summit. We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive support, ensuring a seamless and secure summit experience.


Enhancing the G20 Experience with Royal American Services


24/7 Transportation Solutions: Navigate the diverse meeting locales across Brazil seamlessly with our state-of-the-art fleet and experienced chauffeurs.

Advanced Security Services: Benefit from our comprehensive security solutions, tailored to provide peace of mind in the dynamic environment of the G20 Summit.

Efficient Management Services: From logistical planning to on-the-ground support, our team ensures your focus remains on your mission, with all logistical details handled flawlessly.


In events like the G20 Summit, where discussions span economic policies, sustainable development, and international cooperation, having a reliable partner like Royal American Group can make all the difference. Our understanding of the local landscape, coupled with our commitment to excellence, positions us as the ideal choice for those looking to navigate the Summit’s complexities with ease.


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