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  • 14th February 2024

Business Travel in Brazil 2024: Managing the Dengue Challenge

As Brazil braces for a potential record-breaking dengue outbreak in 2024, with estimates suggesting up to 4.2 million cases, business travelers and CEOs planning trips to this vibrant country must navigate health risks with informed caution.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has initiated vaccination campaigns targeting children, with the Qdenga vaccine from Takeda being a significant step in mitigating the spread. However, for international business visitors, prevention and preparedness will be key to ensuring a safe and productive journey.

Understanding Dengue in Brazil

The Aedes aegypti mosquito transmits dengue and presents symptoms like high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, and joint pain. The Brazilian government’s proactive measures, including targeted vaccination and public awareness campaigns, underscore the importance of vigilance among travelers.

Tips for Safe Business Travel in Dengue-Prone Areas

  1. Stay Informed

Before your trip, keep abreast of Brazil’s latest dengue outbreaks and high-risk areas. Knowledge of local health advisories can significantly enhance your preparedness.

  1. Personal Protection Measures

Use EPA-approved mosquito repellents, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants, and ensure your accommodation is equipped with mosquito-proofing measures like window screens and air conditioning.

  1. Vaccination and Health Advisory

Consult with a healthcare provider regarding dengue vaccination options and obtain comprehensive travel insurance that covers dengue treatment. Early detection and treatment are crucial for managing dengue symptoms.

  1. Opt for Secure Transportation and Accommodation

Royal American offers comprehensive services for business travelers in Latin America, including medical transportation, ground transportation, and security services. Leveraging such services can enhance your safety, providing peace of mind throughout your trip.

  1. Engage in Preventive Practices

Participate in local dengue prevention efforts if possible and adhere to public health guidelines, such as eliminating standing water to reduce mosquito breeding sites.

  1. Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies

Familiarize yourself with local healthcare facilities and have a plan in place for seeking medical attention if you exhibit dengue symptoms. A quick response can mitigate the severity of the disease.

  1. Corporate Responsibility

Businesses should ensure their employees are well informed and prepared for travel to dengue-affected regions. Providing employees with preventive resources and access to medical and security services underscores a commitment to their well-being.


Leveraging Royal American Services

Royal American understands the unique challenges business travelers face in Latin America, especially concerning health risks like dengue. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support with secure ground transportation to ensure you travel safely between meetings and accommodations, as well as medical transportation services that are ready to respond in the event of a health emergency. Additionally, our security services offer an extra layer of protection which is crucial in navigating unfamiliar environments. Navigating the dengue challenge in Brazil requires a multifaceted approach of preparedness, prevention, and partnering with trusted service providers like Royal American. By staying informed, adopting protective measures, and utilizing professional services designed for business travelers, you can ensure your trip to Brazil is not only successful but also safe. Remember, proactive planning is your best defense against health risks in any international travel scenario.