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  • 11th March 2024

Navigating Mexico’s 2024 Security Landscape

While preparing for the local elections of 2024, Mexico faces significant challenges, highlighted in a study by Integralia Consultores, which indicates the intervention of organized crime in the electoral process. This year, six states are identified as having a high risk due to the presence of criminal groups, illicit markets, and numerous municipal presidencies up for grabs. These states include Guerrero, Michoacán, Colima, Jalisco, Chiapas, and Morelos, with others also facing elevated levels of danger.

The escalation of political violence is not only a political concern but also a major business issue. Recent tragic events, such as the ambush on police in Huejúcar and Santa María de los Ángeles resulting in two officers killed, and the violent attack that took the life of the Secretary of the Villa de Álvarez Municipality, Alfredo Chávez, underline the severity of the security situation. These incidents reflect a broader problem where criminal organizations wield influence over local authorities and territories.

For business leaders, especially those involved in industries requiring secure transportation and protection services for executives, these developments pose direct and indirect risks to operations, personnel safety, and investment stability. The involvement of organized crime in politics, through violence, coercion, and illicit financing of campaigns, creates an unpredictable business environment.

The upcoming presidential election and the ongoing insecurity are primary concerns for the business community, as reflected in a survey by KPMG. Executives are worried about the potential impact on the rule of law and the further deterioration of security conditions. Despite these concerns, there’s a hopeful outlook for Mexico’s economic growth, influenced by factors such as nearshoring, which has seen Mexico benefit from trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

In navigating high-risk environments, companies like the Royal American Group play a role in ensuring security and transportation services tailored to executive needs. Addressing challenges through advanced planning, intelligence-led security measures, offering services 24h and adapting to a changing security landscape, to ensure the safety and continuity of business operations. 

As Mexico navigates through these turbulent times, the resilience and strategic foresight of businesses, combined with a comprehensive understanding of the security environment, will be paramount. It is a critical moment for business leaders to reaffirm their commitment to security, not only as a measure of protection but as a fundamental aspect of sustainable business practice in Mexico.


Font: Integralia Consultores