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  • 24th April 2024

WTM 2024: Global Event Empowering Latam Travel Industry

Royal American Group Attends WTM 2024

Discover the highlights of last week’s WTM 2024 in São Paulo

From April 15th to 17th, the city hosted this leading global event for the Latin American travel industry. With 620 exhibiting companies in attendance, World Travel Market 2024 was a hub for networking, negotiations, and staying updated on industry trends, and Royal American Group did not fail to be present! 

As a premier business-to-business (B2B) event, World Travel Market 2024 plays a pivotal role in bringing the world to Latin America and showcasing the region to a global audience. Beyond facilitating business deals, the event creates invaluable personal and professional opportunities, providing attendees with access to quality contacts, insightful content, and vibrant communities.

Take a look at what our Security Specialist, João Gabriel Pessanha, told us about the event: Royal American Group navigates through the challenges and unique opportunities presented by international travel fairs like the World Travel Market by employing a strategic combination of in-depth market research, strategic partnerships, and a meticulous focus on understanding the needs and trends of global customers.


Challenges and opportunities

International travel fairs, like the esteemed World Travel Market (WTM), present a myriad of challenges and opportunities for businesses looking to make their mark on the global stage. For Royal American Group, a leader in transportation and security services, these events are not just platforms for showcasing our offerings, but also arenas for strategic maneuvering and innovation. Additionally, we utilize innovative technologies to maximize operational efficiency and ensure an impactful presence at events, thereby highlighting our brand and services in a competitive international landscape!

Meeting the distinctive needs and challenges 

To meet the specific needs and challenges of different regions or cultural backgrounds, our team adopts a strategic and adaptive approach. This includes developing flexible and customized service packages tailored to the cultural preferences and requirements of each market. 

Additionally, the company invests in training and empowering its staff to ensure a deep understanding of the cultural nuances and specific business practices of each region, enabling effective communication and service delivery. 

The Royal American Group also maintains a strong network of local partners in various countries, facilitating efficient service delivery and a responsive approach to specific market demands. This customer-centric and adaptive approach allows the company to stand out in a diverse and highly competitive environment, maximizing business opportunities worldwide!


Stay tuned to our blog for more insights into Royal American Group’s journey through the exciting world of international travel fairs. We’re dedicated to sharing our experiences, insights, and strategies as we pave the way for industry excellence and innovation.

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